Case 08: Occupied

OCCUPIED VS "No Smoking" / "Xhale"

THE ORIGINAL: Occupied is a 2006 Austrian short film directed by Christian Filek that screened at approximately 26 film festivals and won over a dozen awards from 2006 to 2007.

View the Occupied website here and view the short on YouTube (uploaded Dec 17, 2008) here.

THE FAKE: In 2009 "Frankie Hopkins" posts Occupied under a new title on YouTube and on the Level 3 Pictures Facebook. New title: "No Smoking!"

In October 2013, "Frankie" posts on his Level 3 Pictures Facebook and Twitter accounts that "No Smoking!" will screen at The Parkway Theater on November 10th.

On November 10th, I HELLA Love Shorts film showcase posts their screening lineup at The New Parkway Theater, including the short film "Xhale" by "Frankie Hopkins."