About Frankie Fraud

2018 UPDATE: Since the year this website was founded, annual incoming email about Frankie has tripled. In recent years, Frankie has made fraudulent claims relating to a non-existent stand-up comedy career; he has taken to lifting content from users on Twitter and Instagram to repost as his own original content, and he has gone so far as to steal a notable screenplay that was on industry watch lists, which led to the willful deception of producers who hoped to secure funding to produce a feature film.

In 2017, public records show that Frankie (Patrick Allen Rasmussen) was arrested in the State of California on a felony charge. Two cases were brought against him; the first was dismissed and the second resulted in probation. Records also show court dates in January of 2018, during which a 365-day sentence was mitigated by a court order for release, yet Frankie's social media accounts have not been updated since that time.

ORIGINS OF THE WEBSITE: In mid October, 2013 a group of filmmakers discovered that a man going by the name of "Frankie Hopkins," had ripped their work from online video streaming platforms and repurposed it to look like his own.

Since 2009, Frankie had posted other people's short films on his Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook profiles and on his company website; He removed the opening titles and the credits and added his own falsified credits which positioned him as either producer, writer, director or editor -- often all four.

The filmmakers who are referenced on this website have had their work violated and co-opted by a creatively bankrupt individual who has been abusing other people's media for at least five years, for the sake of garnering prestige and building a fanbase for a phantom film company. Despite efforts to shut down his activity, Frankie remains determined to continue appropriating other people's works and passing them off as his original creations.

This website was created to inform the film community and short film connoisseurs about this specific ongoing case of copyright infringement and intellectual property theft.

If you know "Frankie Hopkins" or discover your work has been pirated by him, please feel free to contact us.